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Sofia began with Billy Blatty a local New Orleanian, whose resume consists of founding and developing the Barcadia brand, Belle’s Diner, Ohm Lounge, and the Japanese Restaurant, Nagomi. 

His latest endeavor has been the exciting opening of the restaurant Sofia in the Arts/Warehouse District, on Julia Street.  The space is an ode to Sophia Loren (an old family friend of Billy’s parents), with art and design elements that personify Loren’s natural femininity and iconic beauty. Local artist David Gamble was commissioned to create a large Andy Warhol-style painting of Loren eating spaghetti. A dramatic chandelier made of broken plates and cutlery hangs above the 100-seat dining room where other eye-catching abstracts that personify Sophia’s natural femininity and iconic beauty.

The goal for Sofia is to welcome every guest with bonhomie in a relaxed yet vibrant environment.  The family style approach reflects the view that dining is communal, food is meant to be shared, and the raised seating is an attempt to unify both staff and guests in a cycle of synergy.

Billy’s vision for Sofia began on a missed flight in Denver due to a snow storm.  He took a friendly recommendation which brought him to Bar Dough, and a subsequent friendship with Culinary Creative developed.  After many trips and discussions, Billy decided to open Sofia in New Orleans.

 After enlisting Executive Chef Talia Diele and General Manager Peter Gordon to assist in the birth of this dream, Billy and team, are very excited to present this modern take on authentic Italian cuisine to the New Orleans market.  “Our style and food is very unique, we are really proud to present this in a way that no one has seen before…I hope to contribute to the tradition of culinary excellence that makes New Orleans the torch-bearer for cuisine in America, but also more importantly, for my home.”

Our Team