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TRAVEL+LEISURE: The Best Places to Sip an Aperol Spritz in the U.S.

The Aperol Spritz is More Popular Than Ever

Here's where to get one this summer. This is the summer of the Aperol Spritz. 

Thanks to a certain controversial article in The New York Times, the bitter and fizzy cocktail has been on everyone’s minds. And according to a new Yelp survey, mentions of the Italian drink are up by 94 percent compared to last year — that’s especially true in cities like New York, Boston, and Washington D.C.

And we can’t blame Yelp reviewers: the drink’s bright orange color and fizzy bubbles make it as fun to look at as it is refreshing to drink. Incidentally, it’s also the best way to pretend you’re lounging on the shores of the Amalfi Coast without a care in the world.

To pinpoint which drinks are having a moment, Yelp looked at reviews in restaurant and nightlife categories that mentioned dozens of different drinks and flavors. They then pulled the top places to sip a coveted Aperol Spritz in different cities throughout the country by looking for reviews with relevant keywords and ranking them by several factors like the total number of reviews.

But the Aperol Spritz isn’t the only drink Yelp reviewers want to sip this summer: spiked seltzer (especially White Claw), Palomas, and negronis are also growing in popularity, according to the survey. Watermelon is the most common ingredient on menus and in drinks this summer, closely followed by berry and peach.

And while rosé peaked in popularity last year, frosé still remains one of the most popular drinks of the season as mentions of the slushy drink go up 117 percent during the summer compared to the rest of the year (especially in cities like Nashville and New Orleans). If you’re in Pittsburgh, Nashville, or Cleveland, however, you’re more likely to find rosé cider being passed around.

But if you’re intent on sticking with a fresh Aperol Spritz, here are the top 15 places in the U.S. to get your hands on one:

  1. New York NY: Olio e Piú
  2. Austin, TX: Juliet Italian Kitchen
  3. Washington, DC: Little Coco's
  4. Boston, MA: Coppa Enoteca
  5. Los Angeles, CA: Kettle Black
  6. San Diego, CA: Davanti Enoteca
  7. Philadelphia, PA: Harper's Garden
  8. Miami, FL: Via Verdi Miami
  9. San Francisco, CA: Waterbar
  10. Chicago, IL: Eataly
  11. Houston, TX: Miss Carousel
  12. Phoenix, AZ: KOVO Modern Mediterranean
  13. Seattle, WA: Bar Cotto
  14. Nashville, TN: Henrietta Red
  15. New Orleans, LA: Sofia Nola